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YTX4L-BS Lithium Motorcycle Battery 12V 2.5AH 150A with Smart BMS, Replacement Motorcycle, ATV, UTV, Scooter, 4 Wheeler Generator Battery and YTZ5S battery honda grom battery etc

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  • Note :Lithium ion Motorcycle Batterty with [- +] terminal
  • AMPXELL Lithium Motorcycle Battery use Stacking Li-Po Cell, Low Internal Resistance, Stable Voltage, Excellent low-temperature performance, High Continuous Discharge C-rate, Powerful Starting Current. It Easily Starts Motorcycles and Other Electronic Equipment at -4°F to 140°F(-20℃ to 60℃).
  • With the Same Capacity Battery, The Discharge Rate of The Lithium Iron Phosphate(LiFePO4)Battery is 10 Times That of The Lead-acid Battery, The Volume and Weight are only 1/3 of the Ordinary Lead-acid Battery, and The Self-discharge is Low, There is No Memory Effect, and The Service Life is Longer.
  • Safe and Convenient: After Modified Heavy-duty Shell Protects The Battery from Weather and Dust. The Battery Components do not Contain any Acid and Lead-free, It is Safe and Environmentally Friendly, Maintenance-free, and Can Be Charged and Used at Any Time.
  • Compatible with most of the Motorcycles,ATV Scooter Battery , and Replacement Lead Acid Battery YTX4L-BS YTZ5S-BS YTX5L-BS HJTZ5S-FP YTZ6-BS YTZ7S-BS etc
  • Packing:Lithium Engine Start Battery* 1, Manual * 1, Screw*2
  • Please Carefully Check the Size of Your Electronic Device Battery Compartment Before Purchasing, or Contact us by Email.

model number: AMX12-LFPP03

Part Number: AMX12-00000

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