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OEM Carburetor Fits E-TON ETON Rover & Viper 70cc 90cc 4-Stroke Carb 2006-2013

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NEW Carburetor
2006 - 2013 E-TON VIPER &

Give your machine the new power and torque it really deserves, and have more fun with the power at your finger tips.




1x Carburetor.


Carburetor fits:


E-ton 811613 New Japanese TK 4-stroke Carburetor is Manual Choke 
E-TON Utility Karts Rover & Rover GT 
Viper Four Stroke 70cc & 90cc ATVs 
Rover (UK1-90R) (Vin: 9UA) 
Rover GT (UK2) (Vin: 9UB) 
Viper 70 4 stroke RX4-70 (Vin: 7KA) 
Viper 70M 4stk RX4-70M (Vin: 7KB) 
Viper 70 Silver Series (RXL-7009) (Vin: 7KC) 
Viper 90R 4stk RX4-90R (Vin: 9KA) 
Viper 90 Silver Series (RXL-9009) (Vin: 9KC) 
Viper 90R Silver Series (RXL-90R09) (Vin: 9KD) 
This carburetor is the OEM replacement for model years 2006 to 2013 
E-Ton (Eton) Viper RXL 70 4 stroke 
E-Ton (Eton) Viper RXL 70M 4 stroke 
E-Ton (Eton) Viper RXL 90 4 stroke 
E-Ton (Eton) Viper RXL 90R 4 stroke 
E-Ton (Eton) Viper RXL 4 stroke 
OEM Part # 812259 , Part # 812466 , Part # 813802 (Vin: 9KC),(RX4-90R) (Vin: 9KA), (RXL-90R09) (Vin: 9KD) 

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