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20Y-04-11160 423-04-11362 134-04-71180 20Y-14-11160 FUEL CAP ASSY FITS KOMATSU PC200 PC220 PC300 PC400

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  • DESCRIPTION:423-04-11362
  • Mottrol specialized in excavator parts since 2003, offering wide range of aftermarket replacement parts used on different brands of excavators, through decade years of development, our products were successfully exported to more than 100 countries and received good reputation, we highly appreciated the continuous supports of all the customers from different countries, we will try our efforts to continue to provide reliable quality products at competitive price to serve our customers.

model number: E325 31167

Part Number: MTE1678

Details: 423-04-11362 FUEL CAP ASSY FITS KOMATSU PC200 PC220 PC300 PC400, AFTERMARKET REPLACEMENT EXCAVATOR PARTS Replaces part # 20Y-04-11160, 20Y-04-11161, 20Y-14-11160, 423-04-11362, 134-04-71180 FITS KOMATSU Dozers: D32E-1 D32P-1 D38E-1 D38P-1 D39E-1 D39p-1 D87E-2 D87P-2 GD875-3 H135-S HM350-1 HM400-1 FITS KOMATSU Excavators: PX158Us-2 PC158USLC-2 PC 160-6 PC200-6 PC200LC-6 PC200LC-7 PC200LL-6 PC200LL-7 PC200Z-6 PC210-6 PC210LC-6 PC220LC-6 PC220LC-7 PC220LL-7 PC220LL-8 PC228USLC-2 PC240LC-6 PC250LC-6 PC270LC-6 PC270LC-7 PC270LL-7 PC300HD-54 PC300HD-6 PC300HD-7 PC300LC-5 PC300LC-6 PC300LC-7 PC300LL-7 PC340LC-7 PC400HD-6 PC400LC-5 PC400LC-6 PC400LC-7 PC450LC-7 PC600LC-7 PC60-6 PC60-7 PC90-1 PC100-5 PC100-6 PC120-5 PC120-6 PC128US-2 PC130-6 PC130-7 PC138US-2 PC150-5 PC160-6 PC180-5 PC200-6 PC220-5 PC210-5 PC220-6 PC200-7 PC220-7 PC250-6 PC300-5 PC300-6 PC300-7 PC350-7 PC360-7 PC400-5 PC400-6 PC400-7 PC600-7 FITS KOMATSU Wheel Loaders: 512 518 538 542 545 558 GD750-1 H135 HM300-1 WA120-1 WA120-3 WA120L-3 WA180-1 WA180-3 WA180-3PTC WA180PT-3 WA200-5 WA200PT-5 WA250-1 WA250-3 WA250-5 WA250L-3 WA250PT-3 WA250PT-5 WA320-3 WA320-5 WA350PT-5 WA38-5 WA380-1 WA380-3 WA380-5 WA400-5 WA420-1 WA420-3 WA450-2 WA450-3 WA450-5 WA470-5 WA480-5 WA500-1 WA500-3 WA600-3 WA700-3

EAN: 0647567156544

Package Dimensions: 4.9 x 4.8 x 1.7 inches

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