12V Portable DC Electric Fuel Transfer Pump Diesel Kerosene Oil Commercial Extractor Auto Pump

$ 74.95

Brand Zoom Zoom Parts

This powerful self-priming fuel transfer pump is an ideal equipment for quick and clean oil-changes, and it functions very well with a fuel nozzle to facilitate fuel transfer. About the installation, you just need to place the inlet and outlet hoses at the appropriate positions, connect the power clamps to the car battery and press the button. This process is very simple and you can often do it by yourself to ensure your engine runs smoothly 1. Accurate control, works efficient and powerful, ideal equipment for fast and clean oil-changes 2. Built-in Bypass Valve helps to avoid overheat or overload. 3. Set up in seconds, easy to use, you can often do it by yourself to ensure your engine runs smoothly. 4. With a portable handle on the pump body, can be easily moved from place to place. 5. With a fuel nozzle to facilitate fuel transfer, make a convenience for the fuel pumping. 6. Suitable for both portable application or permanently installed use, perfect for home, business and commercial use. 1. Compatible with Oil, Diesel, Bio-diesel or Kerosene. 2. Suitable for commercial 12V DC Motor. 3. Fits for cars, motorcycles, boats working with diesel or engine oil. 4. Can be used as a fuel supply equipment for field-working vehicles like engineering vehicles, excavators, bulldozers, road rollers, cement mixers, lifters, trucks, fuel compressors, mining machinery and farming machinery. 5. Also ideal for filling or emptying diesel and oil storage tanks.

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